I am deeply grateful and honoured by the following testimonies and humbly thank everybody for taking the time to write such kind words. I am passionate about my job as an acupuncturist and feel blessed to be able to make a  difference in people’s lives
Jirsharí Grössl

I have received several treatments by Jirsha, both Thai and holistic massage. My most frequent treatment is acupuncture. I have to say that Jirsha is a true mastermind. She applies the knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine with such precision. I have been cured. In addition to this, her character and personality have marked my life and my personal journey. She is a great teacher and I respect her both personally and professionally.

Maike, 32

I first went to see Jirsha for an acute neck pain, I had to have surgery because of a herniated disc, after a few sessions of acupuncture, I was prescribed some Bach flowers and to change my diet. I rejected the idea of an operation so I decided to go ahead with the changes proposed by Jirsha, since then the pain is gone completely. I keep seeing her regularly to keep my health issues under control.

Ellie, 41

It is difficult to find a therapist that analyses and treat physical and emotional problems holistically, looking for causes and not just alleviating symptoms. But Jirsha does. She radiates serenity and has a very enriching approach to life.

Mar, 38

I was very impressed with the treatments. Not only my long term back pain disappeared after few sessions but my whole body felt less stressed and my mind relaxed

Patrick, 39

Jirsha is a wonderful acupuncturist. She always goes the extra mile; she helped me very successfully with anxiety problems and migraines. I can’t remember when it was the last time I had a headache now. She is currently helping me to stop smoking. She is excellent at putting new patients at ease. Quick, efficient and accurate.

Luis, 48

One hour after I left my first session my migraine faded and I felt better.

Susan, 51

Jirsha is really knowledgeable and friendly with great advice. I went to see her for joint pain and saw immediate results! My dry skin has also improved. The treatments are really relaxing too.

Anne, 37

I was experiencing menstrual migraines after the birth of my first child, which were sending me to bed and making it almost impossible to look after my baby for three days each month. I went to see Jirsha in desperation just days before I was expecting a migraine. I was quite sceptical (and a bit scared) but after the very first session the migraine had reduced to a bad headache for just one day rather than three. I had a couple more sessions and was astounded (and delighted) to find that the migraine didn’t manifest at all during the second month.

I am now menstrual migraine free and also an acupuncture convert – Jirsha has helped me lose loads of weight (which turned out to be mostly water retention), reduced my pre-menstrual tension very substantially and generally helped me sail through a very stressful period in my life (moving house, teething baby who never sleeps, going back to work etc). I really, really look forward to seeing Jirsha every few weeks – she takes an interest in my life as a whole including my diet etc. and is generally a very lovely, relaxing person to be around. I recommend her to all my friends and family, glad to be able to spread the word further!

Rose, 30

Wonderful facial rejuvenation treatment. Releasing the beauty from within. My face is firmer, lifted and my skin feels & looks radiant.

Nina, 42

Due to an important life-changing event in my life, I started  experiencing bouts of anxiety which reflected in my body, mainly affecting my blood pressure as it became extremely low.

I decided to go for some accupunture sessions and I went to see Jirsharí with no references at all about her practice.

From my first session with her, I had the sense of being in the presence not only  of a very well trained professional, but of somebody showing a high degree of sensitivity, empathy and understanding of another human being.

I have received from Jirsharí first class treatment  for my troubles which disappeared  after a few sessions with her, but most importantly, a high-level care for which I feel extremely grateful.

Fleur, 78

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