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Immediate Pain Relief

Chronic pain can make life miserable. Standard treatments like ice and heat, anti-inflammatory medications, physiotherapy, and appropriate exercises can often ease the pain. But, what about when they don’t? Acupuncture and the Instant Pain Relief Method is an option worth considering.

I have been trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Acupuncture Instant Pain Relief Method, in which disease is understood as a loss of balance. Finding and re-establishing that balance and stimulating the body’s own intrinsic resource is a basic concept of acupuncture treatment.

The Acupuncture Instant Pain Relief Method combines the ancient practices of greatly-honored doctors Master Tung, Dr. Chao Chen (I- Ching Acupuncture) and Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan (Balance Method). It is an incredibly effective approach that quickly creates results; in most cases, the patient´s discomfort is alleviated within a few minutes of treatment.

The known mechanism of the Acupuncture Instant Pain Relief Method

Research has proven that the Acupuncture Instant Pain Relief Method deals with the most common cause of disease: a stagnation or disruption of blood flow to the damaged area due to trauma or injury. The application of needles in certain areas of the body improves the flow of oxygen, nutrients and blood. Needling forces dilation and increase of blood flow to specific areas of the body to relieve pain, as well as improving organ function and preventing ageing. Needles also stimulate the nervous system by activating nociceptor sensory nerves and proprioceptive fibers that travel to the spine and brain. This improves nerve signals to the brain and forces the brain to release opioids such as enkephalins and endorphins to reduce the pain signal.

I was very impressed with the treatments. Not only my long term back pain disappeared after few sessions but my whole body felt less stressed and my mind relaxed


According to this method, needles are never placed in areas of discomfort or pain. For example, shoulder pain might be alleviated in the hips or particular areas of the ankle, rather than the shoulder itself. To know which areas of the body to choose, practitioners use a holographic system (similar to reflexology). Within minutes of treatment, the pain can subside and the aggravated area has less chance of causing discomfort. To keep the pain relief consistent, a course of treatment is required.

The Balance Method for Instant Pain Relief is different to conventional acupuncture treatment because, rather than being practiced once a week, it is completed 2-3 times a week and with much greater intensity. As a result, the desired pain elimination arrives at a more rapid pace, often within weeks (usually between 4 and 8 sessions) rather than numerous months.

To make this treatment more accessible to everybody I offer packs of 6 and 8 treatments to help you save money. Please call for a free 15-minute consultation.

Benefits of Balance Method Acupuncture:

  • pain relief usually within seconds of needling
  • 50%-100% success rate with course of treatment
  • overall faster recovery time
  • no need to undress for treatment

The advanced Dr. Tan’s Balance Method for Instant Pain Relief boasts an exceptionally high success rate with many patients achieving IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF, as well as rebalancing the mind & body back to excellent health.

My clients have found that pain or discomfort usually goes down by 70-100% within a few minutes of treatment.

I have had chronic lower back pain for 4 years after the birth of my son. After trying everything to relieve the pain such as Physical therapy, an Osteopath, Restorative Yoga, etc, I finally decided to give Acupuncture a try after hearing about Jirshari from a friend of mine. Jirshari was absolutely amazing! After one Acupuncture session, my pain had reduced dramatically, I couldn’t even believe it! Jirshari was so thorough, professional and to be honest a miracle worker! I would highly recommend her and will definitely continue to use her!

Michelle N.

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